Nearly 20% of us have experienced that sinking feeling of dread that comes withforgetting ourphone chargeror travel adaptor,worrying thatour family or boss might not be able to contact usandbeingunable to accessouremails (or Candy Crush).A mobile phone charger is the most forgotten item for travellers,butyour customersnow have in-room access to a chargerand adaptor,without having totake time out ofabusy trip to locate one

AUS Adaptor

UK Adaptor

EU Adaptor

US Adaptor

World Travel Adaptor & USB Plug

The marvel about this the one size fits all combination is that guests can be anywhere in the UK, EU or the US and connect up with our world travel adaptor. This 3 in 1 USB adaptor bundle is compatible with iPhone 6, 5 & 4, iPod, iPad, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, and HTC. So guests can stay connected whilst staying in your hotel, or wherever there next trip takes them.